tisdag 17 december 2013


An outrageously intense initial quarter in one long delicious sampling topped by the remaining 75 minutes with breathless excitement in a battle for survival. Alfonso Cuaron bidding on a sci fi adventure that gives the concept of space flight a whole new meaning and I find it hard to imagine that a movie experience can be felt more strongly than this.

Astronauts Ryan Stone and Matt Kowalski is on mission in space . Everything goes according to plan, until suddenly a warning is heard from NASA that debris from a recently exploded Russian satellite is heading toward them at high speed. They barely have time to perceive the warning until the scrap attack and rips Dr. Stone from the station who end up on the operating completely alone in the dark , silent infinity. Kowalski sets out after her in an insane missions and a race against time begins.

The story is actually pretty simple. It is primarily about just survival , which somehow also is the essence of being human. Despite confident output ( we will all die ) , we struggle more or less hopeful and lives on. For the most part . Now you can hardly our everyday survival compared with the struggle that goes on in " Gravity " above the clouds. But still , it is very easy -related , as well as the anxiety and the fear that possibly have to die all alone.

The camera work by Emmanuel Lubezki ( behind the camera also Cuarons " Children of Men " from 2006) is completely unsurpassable . His camera marketing collaborate without friction with the digital technology and provides us with incredibly realistic CGI . The views from up there are just incomparable . There is nothing err with regard to the visual , and I really can not , even in my wildest imagination , to understand how they managed to create such a realistic environment . Let alone how the actors placed in it, without the smallest seam visible anywhere .

When the camera almost weightless keep up with Ryan Stone's rotating out of nowhere, accompanied only by space menacing silence, it becomes extremely nasty. Since fixes his lens designs and crawls tightly close by, all the way through the visor at Stones helmet and gives the most intimate of close-ups. Now to the sound of panicked breathing and the desperate cries for help on the inside. In a single sweep slowly , almost imperceptibly , the camera then gaze , her and it turns out against the looming dark . We see that she see she looks , feels her anxiety and keeps the spirit of pure sympathy as the oxygen levels in the space suit falls.

It's probably the first time I see a film so literally with my whole body and I feel both dizzy and drowsy. It takes a while before I recovered myself afterwards and even longer before I can fully accept gravity and take normal strides out on the street again . So terrible real is the experience.

Sandra Bullock as Dr. Stone does everything right . So much so that I forget that it's Bullock and instead see only a panic ( who can blame her) woman adrift. George Clooney is best George Clooney , but he 's very good at it, so I 'm not complaining.
" Gravity " evokes perhaps no more difficult existential issues , but is a fairly simple and straight told story about life, birth and death. It may at first glance seem well spectacular just to the surface, but at a closer look you can see also there for several grades . The characters are complex and intriguing plot and not a single picture of the road is wasted on non-essentials . The film is a true masterpiece that offers the most entertaining and breathtaking journeys of man today has the ability to go on .

lördag 14 december 2013

The Hobbit The desolation of Smaug

Many of us wanted less nonsense and more darkness from the sequel and see! We have been heeded . In " The Hobbit : Smaug wasteland " are far fewer slapstick moments and less of the prevailing Disney feeling that characterized the first film. That does not mean annoyance of slapstick character does not occur at all, but overall the tone is deeper and more mature .

How many who wished to see more of Legolas in Peter Jackson's trilogy is unclear , I guess two people, but you simply have to take the good with the bad and try to think of something else every time this  long-eared blonde flips into action for making over choreographed ninja tricks on endless queues of seemingly defenseless orcs. He's just there as an ornament , a little in the periphery , the Good Legolas . Considerably more substance , the newly invented character Tauriel , an intense and erect wood elf warrior as Evangeline Lilly does with perfect confidence.

The character Gallery widened sharply overall in " The Hobbit : Smaug wasteland ," as the world political affairs is becoming increasingly acute . Necromancer in Mirkwood rumbles more threatening and require soon Gandalf's full attention , while orchbanden are relentless in their ruthless pursuit of Bilbo and his traveling companions . As one approaches Erebor also becomes the dragon Smaug an increasingly tangible reality .

Among the environments are particularly the seatown out of the crowd , a sort of Venice of the shantytown vintage where the fish smell and the apparent risk of scurvy really escapes from the big screen .
The proud Thorin Oak Arms and his company demonstrated already in the first film that subtlety and diplomacy are not classical dwarf branches. In " The Hobbit : Smaug wasteland " consolidates the pattern of stumbling in with or be captured by , but above all be sullen against various factions of Middle Earth on the journey to the Lonely Mountain.

Thorin stubbornness and unwillingness to all types of collaboration across racial lines is sometimes parodic . Fortunately, the man in this movie better use of the fairy tale hero than before. Bilbo becomes far more enterprising and alive , the longer the adventure progresses, and take big steps out of the relative anonymity that previously limited him to best respond to nonsense . Martin Freeman might not be so stupid as Bilbo anyway , I thought a couple of times (often just below the sequences where Legolas gets free rein to bounce around like a guttaperkaboll and drop kick orcs ) .

Otherwise persists to some extent the main problem from the last " Hobbit " film , namely the fact that few of the characters, good acting performances notwithstanding , this raises the emotional attachment such as Frodo and Aragorn evoked in the days . Hobbit films are simply on the whole superficial and blood poorer than big brother trilogy. But hope then get new life with " The Hobbit : Smaug wasteland " which nevertheless takes the story in the right direction and once again makes Middle Earth to a many times scary place . "

As for Mikael Persbrandt he gets about as many seconds of playing time as a teaser trailer is long. The time uses Swede tightly to establish their ludne and melancholy lover to shapeshifters , but so far Beorn is a parenthesis in the context. He should be more visible in the final film , it has been said .

The movie gets a 8.5/10 from me!

onsdag 11 december 2013

Godzilla 2014 Trailer

The trailer for the upcoming Godzilla movie just got released on Youtube so here it is!

They seem to have gotten the size of Godzilla right this time!

tisdag 10 december 2013

Playstation 4

The hugely anticipated game console Playstation 4 is a sleek and powerful gaming machine with a currently game library that is rather empty. But increased opportunities for social interaction and improved controller makes the console well prepared for the future.

The Playstation 4 is the big brother to the Playstation 3 that got released 2006 which had alot of problems in its early life cycle, it was very expensive, the user interface was a big mess and the controller was exactly the same. So have Sony learnt from their mistakes and made a worthy successor to the playstation 3?

Design-wise, Sony has outdone themselves. Playstation 4 is rectangular, with sloping side edge, in elegant black: half-matte, half shiny, with a divisional streak of light in the middle that shines white or blue. Its monolithic form is like something straight out of a science fiction film, so minimalist that the on / off button is at first hard to see. It is tasteful, modern and stylish ergonomic design, and small enough to fit into the TV shelf.

The first and most obvious improvement is however the controller. It is wider and heavier than its predecessor, the levers is concave hollow in order to better keep our fingers crossed on the ground, and back buttons have also been bent outward to improve hand posture. That make the handset very comfortable to handle, and is the best control Sony so far developed.

The controller also has an built in motion sensor, touchpad and speakers which makes it feel very exclusive and not like a toy. The controller also shows that Sony is serious about getting out into the Social medias more by having a Share button which makes it possible to quickly share screenshots, recorded game sessions or live streaming to your friends simply by clicking the share button. Everything is working fine but the streaming is having some stuttering problems which Sony has promised to fix in an upcoming patch.

Otherwise, the Playstation 4 is a more streamlined game console - it's easy to get started, jump between game and desktop menus, and the interface is more user friendly than its predecessor. This is a powerful machine, and provides a crystal clear graphic experience that can only be challenged by a really potent PC. But the game library at launch is scant. Said "Killzone: Shadow case" is photorealistic beautiful but the game mechanics is a standardized sleep pills. Action Platform Game "Knack" is extremely repetitive, with cliché filled and shoddily written script. Admittedly released many popular games alongside the Playstation 4, but they do not act drawcard to the machine.

Playstation 4 is a superior video game console, elegant designed with high performance, with a superbly designed controller and expanded opportunities for social gaming. The big risk taking is the solid focus on the game more than anything else. The console turns on the games library, and at present there is very little to be gained. But it is a piece of impressive hardware with much potential, well prepared on what gaming has to offer in the future.

Godzilla 2014

Godzilla is making a return! 
The upcoming American science fiction monster film is a reboot of the godzilla movie from 1954, its going to be the second American take on Godzilla, the first one was released in 1998 with the same name.

The movie is going to be a co-production by Warner bros & Legendary Pictures, the total budget is $160 million, which 75% is from Legendary and 25% by Warner brothers pictures.

The movie was first being heard from rumors that was getting spread around august 2009 when Legendary was trying to aqcuire the rights for Godzilla. In march 29, 2010 they confirmed that Legendary had acquired the rights to Godzilla.

The director is going to be Gareth Edwards which is best known for Monsters, and writing by David Callaham. 

The movie has been in pre-production since 2012, the official filming started on June 30, 2013 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Release is set for May 16, 2014 in both 3D & IMAX.