tisdag 10 december 2013

Playstation 4

The hugely anticipated game console Playstation 4 is a sleek and powerful gaming machine with a currently game library that is rather empty. But increased opportunities for social interaction and improved controller makes the console well prepared for the future.

The Playstation 4 is the big brother to the Playstation 3 that got released 2006 which had alot of problems in its early life cycle, it was very expensive, the user interface was a big mess and the controller was exactly the same. So have Sony learnt from their mistakes and made a worthy successor to the playstation 3?

Design-wise, Sony has outdone themselves. Playstation 4 is rectangular, with sloping side edge, in elegant black: half-matte, half shiny, with a divisional streak of light in the middle that shines white or blue. Its monolithic form is like something straight out of a science fiction film, so minimalist that the on / off button is at first hard to see. It is tasteful, modern and stylish ergonomic design, and small enough to fit into the TV shelf.

The first and most obvious improvement is however the controller. It is wider and heavier than its predecessor, the levers is concave hollow in order to better keep our fingers crossed on the ground, and back buttons have also been bent outward to improve hand posture. That make the handset very comfortable to handle, and is the best control Sony so far developed.

The controller also has an built in motion sensor, touchpad and speakers which makes it feel very exclusive and not like a toy. The controller also shows that Sony is serious about getting out into the Social medias more by having a Share button which makes it possible to quickly share screenshots, recorded game sessions or live streaming to your friends simply by clicking the share button. Everything is working fine but the streaming is having some stuttering problems which Sony has promised to fix in an upcoming patch.

Otherwise, the Playstation 4 is a more streamlined game console - it's easy to get started, jump between game and desktop menus, and the interface is more user friendly than its predecessor. This is a powerful machine, and provides a crystal clear graphic experience that can only be challenged by a really potent PC. But the game library at launch is scant. Said "Killzone: Shadow case" is photorealistic beautiful but the game mechanics is a standardized sleep pills. Action Platform Game "Knack" is extremely repetitive, with cliché filled and shoddily written script. Admittedly released many popular games alongside the Playstation 4, but they do not act drawcard to the machine.

Playstation 4 is a superior video game console, elegant designed with high performance, with a superbly designed controller and expanded opportunities for social gaming. The big risk taking is the solid focus on the game more than anything else. The console turns on the games library, and at present there is very little to be gained. But it is a piece of impressive hardware with much potential, well prepared on what gaming has to offer in the future.

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