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The Hobbit The desolation of Smaug

Many of us wanted less nonsense and more darkness from the sequel and see! We have been heeded . In " The Hobbit : Smaug wasteland " are far fewer slapstick moments and less of the prevailing Disney feeling that characterized the first film. That does not mean annoyance of slapstick character does not occur at all, but overall the tone is deeper and more mature .

How many who wished to see more of Legolas in Peter Jackson's trilogy is unclear , I guess two people, but you simply have to take the good with the bad and try to think of something else every time this  long-eared blonde flips into action for making over choreographed ninja tricks on endless queues of seemingly defenseless orcs. He's just there as an ornament , a little in the periphery , the Good Legolas . Considerably more substance , the newly invented character Tauriel , an intense and erect wood elf warrior as Evangeline Lilly does with perfect confidence.

The character Gallery widened sharply overall in " The Hobbit : Smaug wasteland ," as the world political affairs is becoming increasingly acute . Necromancer in Mirkwood rumbles more threatening and require soon Gandalf's full attention , while orchbanden are relentless in their ruthless pursuit of Bilbo and his traveling companions . As one approaches Erebor also becomes the dragon Smaug an increasingly tangible reality .

Among the environments are particularly the seatown out of the crowd , a sort of Venice of the shantytown vintage where the fish smell and the apparent risk of scurvy really escapes from the big screen .
The proud Thorin Oak Arms and his company demonstrated already in the first film that subtlety and diplomacy are not classical dwarf branches. In " The Hobbit : Smaug wasteland " consolidates the pattern of stumbling in with or be captured by , but above all be sullen against various factions of Middle Earth on the journey to the Lonely Mountain.

Thorin stubbornness and unwillingness to all types of collaboration across racial lines is sometimes parodic . Fortunately, the man in this movie better use of the fairy tale hero than before. Bilbo becomes far more enterprising and alive , the longer the adventure progresses, and take big steps out of the relative anonymity that previously limited him to best respond to nonsense . Martin Freeman might not be so stupid as Bilbo anyway , I thought a couple of times (often just below the sequences where Legolas gets free rein to bounce around like a guttaperkaboll and drop kick orcs ) .

Otherwise persists to some extent the main problem from the last " Hobbit " film , namely the fact that few of the characters, good acting performances notwithstanding , this raises the emotional attachment such as Frodo and Aragorn evoked in the days . Hobbit films are simply on the whole superficial and blood poorer than big brother trilogy. But hope then get new life with " The Hobbit : Smaug wasteland " which nevertheless takes the story in the right direction and once again makes Middle Earth to a many times scary place . "

As for Mikael Persbrandt he gets about as many seconds of playing time as a teaser trailer is long. The time uses Swede tightly to establish their ludne and melancholy lover to shapeshifters , but so far Beorn is a parenthesis in the context. He should be more visible in the final film , it has been said .

The movie gets a 8.5/10 from me!

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